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ED nurse working on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, Australia.

The problem with PRN opioids

How often do you see an order for morphine written up as follows? 2.5 – 5 mg (per dose) up to a total of 30 mg (per 24 hour period) for pain (indication) That’s a fairly common drug order in … Continue reading

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Disclaimer. An elderly man presents with a one-week history of dizziness following a syncopal episode. He was treated with prochlorperazine (Stemetil) by his GP but is now almost unable to mobilise. Lives with spouse. Independent with ADLs. Enjoys beach walks … Continue reading

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In the interest of patient safety and confidentiality, I reserve the right to liberally change identifying information about any case studies presented on this site. This includes gender, age, time, location, and other details which I consider to be ‘identifying’. … Continue reading

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A preview of the Sunshine Coast University Hospital project. My future workplace:

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Medical Clogs

Born in Holland, I couldn’t resist showing off the medical clogs that (some) Dutch nurses wear. I don’t think Queensland Health would go for it, but I’m still tempted to buy a pair. I am not affiliated with the company, … Continue reading

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Standing BP

As a student nurse on placement in a busy ED, I recall taking a blood pressure measurement on a patient and rushing off to the primary care nurse – “the patient is really hypotensive!”. The experienced RN glanced at the … Continue reading

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ABG app review

A while back I asked the twitterverse whether anyone could recommend a good app for arterial blood gas (ABG) interpretation. The deafening silence showed me that (a) I have very few followers and (b) if I want an ABG app … Continue reading

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Warfarin reversal with Prothrombinex

When a warfarinised patient presents with an intracranial haemorrhage, do you automatically think “prothrombinex”? In our ED there is no stock of fresh frozen plasma (FFP), so the administration of prothrombinex has become more common of late. This post touches … Continue reading

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As ED nurses, we frequently encounter patients who present with at least a mild level of anxiety. No surprises there… walking into an ED waiting room is intimidating to say the least. Add to that the patient’s natural anxiety about … Continue reading

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Maintaining the excitement in emergency medicine

These notes are taken from a 45 minute lecture by Greg Henry, originally presented at ICEM2012, and available for viewing at Free Emergency Medicine Talks (wonderful resource!). Without any further ado, here are some of the quotes that I wanted … Continue reading

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