As ED nurses, we frequently encounter patients who present with at least a mild level of anxiety. No surprises there… walking into an ED waiting room is intimidating to say the least. Add to that the patient’s natural anxiety about their ‘presenting complaint’, and you expect to see some mild hyperventilation, increased pulse and raised blood pressure.

But then there are those patients who clearly have more than your ‘average’ amount of anxiety. They aren’t hard to spot in the crowd and often require more time and reassurance, starting at triage. I freely admit I know very little about anxiety and panic attacks. Something I intend to remedy in the near future.

As of today, I have a new resource for those patients. Black Dog Institute – the highly respected not-for-profit group specialising in depression – has launched a new site called myCompass.

The site is “an interactive self-help service that aims to promote resilience and wellbeing for all Australians”.

The site looks user-friendly and requires an initial sign-in to protect personal information. The tools provided are designed to be easily accessible on mobile devices. This is a nice addition to the fantastic resources already available via Black Dog, and looks like something I’d gladly recommend to patients. I’m planning to test the site’s functionality and will review again at a later date.


About tamarahills

ED nurse working on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, Australia.
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